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Welcome to, we offer Retrieve 4GL solutions. As Sage Line 100 and therefore Retrieve is gradually being phased out fewer and fewer companies are continuing to support it. Here at we offer full support for any Retrieve 4GL project that you have, we have committed developers who have years of experience working with Retrieve 4GL.

What is Retrieve 4GL?

Retrieve 4GL is a fourth generation programming language used to develop Sage Line 100.

It is based on a problem oriented language with relational database management systems support. Retrieve provides the use of a language to describe the structure of records, data elements and files and their relationships. Retrieve also provides the facilities to store, delete and modify records and to find and get records using a key field relationship. This language allows any Sage Line 100 product to be developed.

Our developers have the experience to provide any sort of application that you need, whether it is a simple modification to your existing system right through to a new application designed and developed to your needs.


As well as offering support for Retrieve we can also develop and upgrade any Sage Line 100 or bespoke Sage Line 100 add on system you currently have. You can have the confidence that your system will be developed using the latest .NET technology with full installation and support.

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