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The Future of Retrieve 4GL

As more and more companies upgrade from Sage Line 100 to Sage MMS more and more Retrieve dealers are stopping support. As well as the dealers, developers are no longer developing for Retrieve as they move onto different packages. If you have a Retrieve system this could be an alarming time for you as your avenues for development and support are getting fewer.

Your Solution

As the Retrieve dealers stop support you are really only left with one solution, upgrade. If you have spent considerable resources on your Retrieve 4GL system you may feel you have thrown those resources away. You may have invested so much on your current Sage Line 100 system that starting over fresh with something new may not be an option.

Here at we can give you that support that you need. Our dedicated team of developers will be able to give you any assistance that you require, whether it is support for your existing Sage Line 100 system or development of a new application using Retrieve 4GL.

Contact Us

We pride ourselves in the quality of our software and the level of support that we offer. When you get into contact with us we can describe all the options that are available and offer you the best solution for your business.

You can contact us on 44 (0)1246 437 000 or email us. Please feel free to ask us any questions about how we can help you.
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