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For many years, Line 100 was the market-leading accounts and trading solution in its class. However, Line 100 is based on DOS technology which is increasingly unsupported on modern day hardware and software operating systems. Newer, market leading technologies are now available. These technologies have allowed us to apply our knowledge of financial and trading requirements to create the next generation accounts, trading and business wide software - ready to meet customers’ challenges for many years to come. Sage 200 is built on a solid, modern technology platform, which we believe will help to future proof your business and grow with you.

Because of this, after 30th September 2012, Line 100 (and so Retrieve) will no longer be supported. This also means that there will be no development work or updates to the software.

Click here to view a full list of Sage 200 features. Can Help

With our 0% finance deal we can upgrade you to Sage 200 and give the following benefits:

If you feel your current system does not have the functionality that you would like, we can take features you currently have and add the extra requirements. Everything is developed for your needs, you will be able to tell us exactly what you want.

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